Scholarship TOEIC 2019

It is an amazing achievement for Our 20 students of Grade XII to get the opportunity of having the scholarship to certify their English in TOEIC from @ITC with the assistance of our own @ninafarrel. We know that English is one of the languages ​​most requested in business world, so one of the main reasons having this certification is that students can improve many skills of their English level. The event that was conducted on Wednesday, September 11, 2019 will hopefully inspire other students to be more competitive with their English and encourage them to also get the similar opportunities.

Salam Budi Luhur.

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Cerdas Berbudi Luhur

Cerdas dan berbudi luhur merupakan dua hal yang terpadu yang tidak terpisahkan, karena kecerdasan tanpa dilandasi budi yang luhur akan cenderung digunakan untuk membodohi dan mencelakakan orang lain, sebaliknya budi luhur tanpa diimbangi kecerdasan akan merupakan sasaran kejahatan dan penindasan dari orang lain.